Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 4 Measurements & Pics

One month down...five to go! Watch out Ryan Reynolds, here I come!

After a whole month, I'm feeling pretty good about my results so far. Here's the run down of measurements:
Weight = 191 (that's down about 9 lbs. from my starting weight)
Neck: 15
Upper arms: left = 14; right 14
Shoulders: 48 (up 1.5 from last week)
Chest at nipples: 40.5 (up 1 from last week)
Waist at navel: 32.5 (down 1 from last week)
Hips at widest point: 40
Legs mid-thigh: left = 23.5; right = 22.5
Total inches: 250 (up 1.5 from last week)

Measurements are one thing, but let's do a little visual comparison. In the left column are my Day 1 photos and in the right column are my Day 29 photos. It may be wishful thinking, but I think I see a little more definition and a greater contrast between my shoulder width and waist size. Still a long way to go, but I'm on the road.

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