Monday, December 19, 2011

Halfway Through Phase 1

I've just completed my first month of training, which means I've made it halfway through Phase 1.  During Phase 1, I'm really working on building mass.  That means lots of reps to failure in the gym and focusing on getting enough protein and carbs to keep my energy level high for training and recovery.

I'm noticing, though, that as I add inches of muscle without focusing on getting lean (yet), I feel uncomfortable in my clothes.  Everything fits a little tighter than I would like.  It's like the muscle is pushing my fat outward from underneath.  Ugh!  I weighed myself this morning and saw that I'm at 209 pounds!  Time to slim down or risk looking like a puffed up meat head!

I've also been feeling like I'm letting stress dictate my diet.  Things have been hectic at work and at home.  As a result, I recently realized that I'm shoveling into my mouth ANYTHING that is put in front of me.  Eating without discretion may be fun for awhile, but I actually get tired of eating after a bit.  I'm at that point now.  Last night as I mindlessly munched on my last few bits of pizza and drank a glass of wine, it dawned on me that, not only was I not being mindful of the tastes and textures of my meal, but I was actually ignoring that fact that I was not enjoying it.  Time to turn this bus around!

So, starting today I'm cleaning up my diet.  For how long?  Permanently!  I've the done the 28 days to this and the 30 days to that.  I'm ready to commit myself to an entire year of mindful eating and increased nutrition.  In fact, I'm so ready that I'm not waiting for the old New Year's resolution phase.  I'm jumping in now and foregoing all the sweets and goodies that surround the upcoming holidays.  With two weeks to the new year, I'm looking forward to waking up January 1 ALREADY feeling slimmer and trimmer and cleaner throughout!

I'll keep you posted and maybe I'll put up some embarrassing pictures soon.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Survived Week 3!

This week went well.  I'm really enjoying the rotation that I've set up.  I do two days on, two days off, one day on, one day off.  That means this week I hit the gym on Sunday and Monday then rested on Tuesday and Wednesday, worked out again on Thursday, rested on Friday, now I'll be in the gym Saturday and Sunday.  Those two-day rest periods really feel like a vacation!  Plus, this allows me to alternate which of my two workouts -- the pushing routine or pulling routine -- gets used just before a two day rest.  All of this translates into more rest for the muscles.  And as you may know, muscles grow when they're resting, not when they're working.

I start Week 4 tomorrow.  I'm excited about the fact that I'll have completed one month of my six-month challenge before the new year arrives.  No wimpy New Year's resolution for me.  I'll be well on my way by January 1!  Maybe I'll post some pics to commemorate the end of my first month at the end of next week.