Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week 12 Measurements & Photos

I'm half-way to Ryan Reynolds! Woo hoo!

I meant to post these measurements and photos last week when I took them on March 29, 2011, but I've been having trouble syncing my pics and I been too busy to write. Nevertheless, I'm back in action. I've decided to start posting measurements every two weeks instead of weekly now because I'm not seeing any macro changes in body composition at this stage. In fact, my weight and measurements have really stabilized. Notice I didn't say they "plateaued" because when I put on clothes or look in the mirror I'm still seeing incremental progress. So, I'm still happy with my progress and continue to feel motivated to push forward.

Without further ado...the measurements and photos:

Weight = 193 (down 1 pound)

Neck: 16.5 (no change)

Upper arms: left = 14.5; right 14.5 (down 1 inch...I'm seeing more definition here.)

Shoulders: 49 (no change)

Chest at nipples: 40.5 (down .5 inch)

Waist at navel: 31 (down .5 inch)

Hips at widest point: 39.5 (no change)

Legs mid-thigh: left = 23.5; right = 23.5 (no change)

Total inches: 252.5 (down 2 inches)

OK, when you look at the pics please ignore the bed head. Also, I'm sure that Scarlett Johansson is reading this blog by now (especially since she and Ryan Reynolds have separated), Scarlett, feel free to comment on how close I'm getting to the real deal. I've only got 3 months to go! (Someone told me about a study that proved people find someone more attractive if that person makes them laugh. So, my jokes should make these pictures even more impressive...or maybe it's the pictures that will make you laugh...who knows!)


  1. Good job bro. Proud of you. When I come out in May we will have to do a borthers photo shoot. Not a chance...with the work schedule I have been keeping - I look more like Burt Reynolds, than Ryan.

  2. Keep up the great work Jeremy! You will have the Ryan R. body in no time. The way I see it you look better than most people already.