Thursday, January 6, 2011

Begin at the Beginning

Already I can see that 2011 is going to be a busy year! We have a 2 year old who is changing every day and another baby on the way. Our jobs are ever-evolving. Our home keeps finding new ways to beg for repairs and upgrades. What is a guy to do?

Well, in an effort to simulate some modicum of control over my ever-changing life I have decided to throw in one more change...a transformation, if you will. The difference is that this is one that I alone can control. A body transformation.

This won't be the first time I've gone inward to effect change that will eventually radiate outward. I studied aikido while I was in a miserable, stressful job many years ago. I ran several marathons while I was in law school just to keep sane. I completed a 10-day silent mediation retreat immediately after taking the California bar exam (and have continued that meditation practice off-and-on for years). I've played team sports (soccer, basketball, softball) while I had jobs that kept me locked away in a lonely office. I've most recently rebelled against the increasingly obese suburban culture that surrounds me by devoting much time to exploring cleansing, healthy diet, and clean cooking. Oh, and I've been practicing yoga consistently for the last year. So, here I go again on my own (that should sound familiar to anyone that listened to hair bands in the 80s).

With the beginning of 2011, I have decided to embark on an exploration of complete body transformation. This will be a chance to combine many of the elements I have explored in the past few years. My goal: to see if a normal guy can create a Ryan Reynolds physique while balancing life's challenges and without a team of trainers, cooks, and personal assistants. My methods: meditation, clean cooking, healthy dieting, intermittent fasting, yoga, cardio training, and resistance training.

I'll use this blog to track my progress and to hold myself accountable. I'll post stats, photos, recipes, and lessons learned along the way. If you're reading this, you are at the beginning with me. Keep reading and we'll find out together where we end up.

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